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Adding The WOW Factor

Getting the wow factor is all in the planning.  In addition to your suite and/or shower style think about the finish and colour you want - from your heating options to furniture, wall and floor coverings and accessories.  You can personalise your bathroom and make it unique to you with our great range of finishing touches. Make sure you get the bathroom you want, thatís as unique and individual as you are and that works for your needs.

Tiles & Wall Panelling

Consider if you want tiles and/or wall panelling as these are a great way to add colour.  Break up your shower area or the wall panel around your bathroom, tiling the remaining areas for a great easy clean option.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are also great way to make your bathroom your own whilst at the same time being functional.  

Towel Rails & Underfloor Heating

Add the wow factor using heating.  We have a great range of towel rails and underfloor heating options - or mix and match using both!  

Bathroom Furniture

Furniture is a great way to personalise your bathroom whilst being functional.  It is a great option to add colour and texture to break up vast areas or make bland walls look interesting.  Donít forget to ask about our range of soft close options so your doors and drawers come to a smooth and gentle close.

Mirrors and Cabinets

Mirrors today can include lighting, they can be steam free, or you can even stream your music through them.  Ask about the range of options available.


Lighting is a great way to create an ambience and really highlight specific areas.  Fitted under ledges and into plinths or inset into ceilings, lighting can really add the wow factor to your bathroom.