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Bathroom Trends

Changing your bathroom is a big investment in both time and money so itís important to us you get the bathroom that works for you.  Make sure you have a clear vision of how your bathroom is to look, feel and work for your lifestyle.  Below are some ideas of whatís currently popular in bathrooms and how you can achieve your perfect space using trends that are long-lasting.  Be inspired by our different ideas to bring you the perfect bathroom and make the most of this important and functional space in your home. 

These are currently on trend using organic and natural clean colours.  Think about how you can incorporate the warmth of wood with furniture finishes or statement tiles that give the appearance of wood.  Slate, Marble, Travertine and Quartz are also popular for adding glamour to your walls and floors.

Along with the trend for natural materials,  glass and marble offer a glamourous solution  for your space but can be expensive.  Using laminate on your walls can offer a clean and seamless aesthetic, help reflect light with a gloss finish whilst helping to achieve the look you want.  Ask your Showroom Manager about our range of wall panels and the colours and finishes available.

Using the same tiles for walls and floors can give a seamless feel to a room along side using large format tiles as these offer less grout lines.  Using clean colours in nude and neutral colours and incorporating matt finishes can help to achieve this timeless appearance.

With bathrooms getting smaller a trend for smaller sanitary ware that is reduced in depth so it doesnít protrude into the room so much offers intimacy yet restrained elegance to your bathroom.  Sleek handleless furniture offering subtle access and wall hung cabinets are making an appearance alongside corner solutions to utilise awkward spaces whilst keeping the room functional.

Walk in showers and complete wetrooms are popular and give a spa like feel to your ensuite.  These are great solutions for family members that suffer with mobility issues and are ideal for both young and old alike.  Teamed with high gloss cabinets and materials such as glass and chrome can also offer a spacious yet simple feel to your bathroom whilst keeping it functional and practical.

Along with underfloor heating meaning you can have clean and clear walls whilst warming your floors, ladder radiators and tube designs are on trend for warming your towels and are available in all sort of styles making sure you donít have to compromise on your style and design.

Inspired by period dramas such as Downton Abbey, period bathrooms add character and are adaptable for new builds and period homes alike. Geometry tiles alongside roll top and statement baths taking centre stage of the room make this on trend design very popular.

Using a statement feature wall in rich, darker colours is popular to offset the neutral and natural hues.  The use of slate exudes luxury and relaxation and can bring focus to a key area along with statement storage cabinets and vanity units.

This is very popular in todayís bathroom allowing you to retain the look of yesteryear whilst retaining the ease of use developed for living today.  With clever design and thoughtful features think about elements you want to use such as eco click taps allowing you to control the amount of water flow from your tap, dual flush WC's giving you the option of the amount of water you use to flush and digital showers that you can turn on from up to 10m away.  Donít forget mirrors that incorporate lights, sensors, shaver sockets and steam free solutions whilst also helping to reflect light.