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Buying Guide

When selecting your bathroom it is important to understand the types of products available to you and the benefits they offer.  For instance, did you know toilets are sold in various styles - all with their own individual features.  View our product guides below to help you select the best options for you.

Shower enclosures & trays
Baths & screens
Suites & furniture
Wall & floor coverings
Lighting, ventilation & heating
Mirrors, cabinets & accessories

Close Coupled Toilet

The underside of the cistern rests directly on the back of the pan.  This is the most popular toilet used in homes.

Back to Wall Toilet

The cistern is separate from the pan and is concealed behind a wall or inside fitted furniture. The pan meets both the wall/furniture and floor.

Wall Hung Toilet

The cistern is separate from the pan and is concealed behind a wall or inside furniture.  The pan appears to float off the floor only being fitted to the wall/furniture.

Full Pedestal Basin

The basin sits on a pedestal that meets both the floor and the basin top, hiding all the pipework behind.  This is the most popular choice used in homes.

Semi Pedestal Basin

The basin sits on a half height pedestal that meets the basin to part way down the wall, hiding pipework from view.

Bottle Trap 

The basin is mounted on the wall with exposed trap underneath the plug hole and exposed pipe from the trap to the wall.

Countertop Basin

Designed to sit on the top of a counter, furniture of shelf. These generally come with a central waste and taps are fitted to the basin or the countertop.

Semi Recessed Basin

A basin that is semi recessed into a furniture unit.

Modular Furniture

Furniture offered in different styles that is fixed to the wall but is flexible and can be moved.

Fitted Furniture

Furniture that is fitted in place and can not be moved.  It generally runs to the floor with the aid of a plinth.