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Lifestyle By Design

Getting the bathroom you want  can be easier than you think.  We have a range of solutions to suit your lifestyle - whatever that may be.  Whether you like an invigorating shower in the morning or a long soak in the evening, we are here to help you get your perfect bathroom.

Do you want a soak at the end of a long day?  Indulge in the luxury of a freestanding bath or if you donít have the space, a double ended bath that you can relax into.  Think about the lighting options you want to help create the right ambience and towel rails that will warm your fluffy towels.  Donít forget to include underfloor heating to warm your feet for when you step out of the bath.

Are you someone that likes an invigorating shower to wake you up in the morning?  We offer a great range of showers including mixer showers, digital showers and electric showers to ensure you get a shower that will meet your needs.  Make sure you think about the space you need for a shower too - over a bath, a shower enclosure or wet room style.  The choice is yours.

Bathrooms used by the whole family can quickly look cluttered with all the personal items accumulated.  Mirror cabinets are ideal for hiding away smaller items whilst helping to increase light in the room.  For larger items, modular furniture and fitted furniture are great solutions to help maximise your storage space, hiding away all your essentials whilst keeping them close at hand.  It is also a great way to personalise your bathroom and add colour and texture.

Eco options are expected and are becoming standard in bathroom products now.  We offer a great range of taps, showers and WCs that can support you to reduce your household water consumption.  From dual flush WCs and showers that can reduce the amount of water used to eco click taps that increase the amount of water being used as you open the tap up, visit your local showroom and ask our Showroom Managers about your range of options.

Consider any special requirements you may have for family members or for future proofing your bathroom.  We offer a range of products including Concept Freedom - designed to be elegant and flexible regardless of mobility needs, fold down seats for shower area support rails, you can make the bathroom a safer and easier place for everyone using it whilst still retaining your individual style..

We offer a choice of products that allow you to retain a great looking bathroom whilst supporting family members.  From comfort WCs that are slightly higher than a standard WC making them easier to use, wall hung basins that can be hung at a suitable height (within frame adjustments), riser rail showers that can be adjusted to your preferences, wet room options so you donít need to raise your legs, you are sure to find what you need to make your bathroom more comfortable to use without compromising your bathroom design.

We have a choice of products to suit smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms including short projection WCs, space saving basins and corner basins, corner baths and shower baths, smaller tap designs and compact furniture options.  Why not grab a coffee and browse through our collections to find your perfect solution.