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Home Measure Service

We want to make your bathroom purchase as easy as we can which is why our showrooms offer a home measure service*.  Whether itís your ensuite, cloakroom or family bathroom, our Showroom Managers can visit your home to measure your existing bathroom or new space.  They will make sure they record all the correct dimensions and details needed to ensure you get your perfect bathroom. 

If you would prefer to measure your bathroom yourself and bring in your dimensions, there are a few things we need to know:

  • Room dimensions
  • Ceiling height
  • Window sill and door heights
  • The position of any electric points
  • Any obstacles - width, depth and height
  • Your waste pipe type 
    • Horizontal outlet (goes straight through the wall from the back of the pan)
    • S Trap (the soil pipe bends into the floor)
    • Side Turn (it turns left or right behind the pan).

We also need to understand the type of Hot Water System you have in your house as this will help to determine the right shower and tap choice for you.

The most common UK installation: a low bar pressure system that uses a cold water tank.  To get hot water you have to set a timer to heat the cold water tank.

A mains cold water fed, high pressure system that instantaneously heats the mains cold water.  This system requires no cold or hot water storage tanks and no timer as hot water is available on demand.

Becoming more popular with new build homes, this high pressure system stores hot water under mains pressure requiring no cold water storage.  No timer is required as hot water is available on demand.

*Home measure service available at selected locations.  Please check with your local showroom for details.