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aspen textured tiles carbon grey pg 47
metro black gloss pg 88
bailey glass & stone mix mosaic pg 73

Tiles lead the way in adding style and colour to your bathroom. But with so much choice in colour and style, how do you make the right decision?

We at The Bathroom Showroom are experts in tiles. We can help you through this journey step by step. Whether itís materials,colours, trends, styles or budget, we can help you with everything you need and more. If this isnít enough, we offer a 3D design service to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

Visit any of our 250 showrooms nationwide and youíll discover stunning displays to inspire and excite. We have a wide range of styles, with something to suit every budget.

Canít decide which style to go for? Not to worry. The Bathroom Showroom offers a service where you can pop into one of our showrooms and order tile samples before you commit to purchasing.

We offer a FREE 3D design and planning service so you can see your new bathroom - before its fitted! Have peace of mind that the products you have selected will fit and work together to give you the bathroom you have always dreamed of. 

Book your appointment using the link below and turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

Our products range from bathroom suites, to taps, showers and tiles. Download a copy of our Bathroom Showroom brochure or visit one of our showrooms to talk to us about your complete bathroom.